Dogging For Beginners

If you’re a beginner in the dogging uk craze and you are thinking of trying it out or you already tried it out but you didn’t had such a good experience, we will give you a few suggestions on how to have the best Dogging and how the pros do it. First of all we will tell you how you can find people who are willing to go with you and how to choose the best ones.

How To Find Other Doggers?

1. Search throughout the internet for any local sites that are offering to match you up with other Doggers. But make sure that the websites are secure and not fake, also I don’t suggest you give the real name, date or month of birth. The only think you need to put is the you age, so the site can match you up with other people who are around the same age.

2. Go to some sex shop and ask them if they have any clue about Dogging.

3. Parking-lots and Parks are usually good places to search for other doggers, people who are not into dogging don’t know what that means so I suggest if you see someone who you like go to them and ask them if they know what dogging is and start normal conversation. If they don’t know what that is just say “sorry” politely and go away.


4. Finally search your phone app store and see if there are any dogging apps that can match you with other people.

5. For the people who are in relationship; talk to your partner that you want to try out something new and convince them to have sex publicly.

How To Pick The Best People To Doggy With?

Well there is not much to this, the whole thing of uk dogging with someone is to have fun. One of the main things of Dogging is to do it with some complete stranger. I suggest not to be too picky about the people you doggy with, just make sure that they are near your age and you use protection. For the beginners I strongly suggest you make sure that the other dogger is near your age and if it is a complete stranger you MUST where protection. Otherwise you might end up catching something unwanted. One thing that beginners can do is to find some ex or some friends with benefits who will be willing to do Dogging with you, that way you will gain more experience and you will know what to do when you meet up some complete stranger for Dogging.

Usually for beginners this whole Dogging thing seems a bit strange and they re scared. If it is your first time, make sure that you are fully relaxed, otherwise you won’t have the pleasant experience of Dogging. At the end, don’t be suppressed if it takes you longer than usual to finish, at first you will be in lot of stress and you can’t explain why, don’t worry that will pass over time.

Best Places For Dogging

It is not easy to find a good spot for Dogging especially if you are a mature dogger who is tired of the same old local places; some of the “old” doggers even know the local neighborhood dogging spots better than the supermarkets in the area. If you are new to this whole Dogging stuff you might find it hard to find a good local spot for dogging, but don’t worry we will give you a few pointers and tips on how you can find the best dogging spot.First things first, we have to say that the UK is one of the best places for Dogging. If you’re not from the UK don’t worry we will tell you how to have safe Dogging in the perfect spots.


This is one of the most common places where you can find doggers and it is no wonder why, parking-lots are almost empty during the night and even throughout the day. Be sure that many people are dogging at your local parking- lots, but the thing is that you never paid enough attention to notice. Also parking-lots are one of the most common places for dogging, and also the people who are new to dogging usually do their first attempt of dogging on some local parking-lot. The good way to choose a good parking-lot for dogging is to be sure to go at some parking=lot that is not to close to your home and just not to far. If you are new to this I suggest you try dogging during the night.





This is the second best place for people wanting to start dogging. Although, make sure that you choose some place in the woods that is far from civilization, otherwise you’ll have people on family walks or on dog walks watching you dogging.


One of my favorite places is the backyard, but this is a bit risky. Some people don’t mind doing this while their neighbors might catch them but there are some who are a bit scared about this and that why they don’t attempt it.

Public Toilet
The next best-recommended place for dogging is at a public toilet. There is no way that you can pick the wrong toilet for dogging, only make sure it is cleanly and needy, also pick the one that is in the back.

Everyone that is into dogging would have done it in the “park spot”. Although there might be many parks in your area I suggest you try them all. The only thing you need to do while choosing a good spot in a park is to make sure that there aren’t any kids around, with the best and safest time is at night.